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Mechanical Engineering:

- Structural Integrity
- Fracture and Fatique
- Analytic methods for Engineering Design
- Hydropower plants and equipment
- Thermal Power Plants
- Green Energy
- Renewable energy

Engineering Materials:

- Nanomaterials
- Design of Welded Structures
- Materials for strategic application (space, defense, nuclear),
- Composite materials
- Iron and steel extraction and processing
- Biomaterials

Chemical and Process Engineering:

- Chemical Engineering
- Biofuels in Combustion Processes
- Chemical and Biochemical operations and Reactors
- Design, construction and operation of processing systems
- Water treatment
- Organic chemistry and polymers
- Equipment and maintenance
- Sustainable development

Experimental Techniques:

- Experimental Fluid Mechanics and thermodynamics
- Result processing
- Digital Image Correlation method

Numerical Methods:

- Optimization Techniques Applied to Engineering problems
- Data science
- Fluid dynamics, heat transfer and porous media flow
- Computational chemistry
- Computational biology and medicine

New Technologies:
- New technologies in production engineering 
- Intelligent manufacturing systems
- Robotics
- Naval systems
- Production engineering
- New generation of machine tools

Innovative Smart and Advanced Grid Technologies:

- Experimental Smart Grids
- Smart Planning, Measurement  and Analysis
- Distribution System, Operations, Functions, and Tools
- Advanced Control Engineering

Ship & Maritime Research:

- Innovative Material Design for Marine Engine and Components
- Sustainability in construction
- Sustainability in operation
- Stability and safety

Dental Materials and Structures:

- Restorative Materials
- Digital Dentistry
- Dental 3D pinting
- FEM in Dentistry